Saturday, April 25, 2009

Princess Brooke's Party!!

Brooke...she had an awesome party and she really is an awesome little girl :) I'm so thankful God chose me to be her mom! I can't believe she's 3...

Yesterday, Erin and Brooke were playing at the park with their playgroup friends. Some of the boys were playing 'rough' with Erin (and Erin gives it back), but Brooke wasn't having it...she ran up to the boys with her fists flying telling them to leave Erin alone.

She loves her big sister...when she was potty training and would get m&m's, she'd ask for two, one for Erin and one for herself...she never says her name without her sister's name...'Brooke and Erin' this and 'Brooke and Erin' cute :) I hope all my girls grow up to be life long best friends... EXCITED about her party!

Mimi and Brooke looking at her Snow White cake...

Getting ready to blow!

couldn't get them did....

yummy, rj goodies!

So happy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

School Program :)

Erin and Brooke had their school program last night. 

Brooke saw me in the crowd and said "hi mommy" and then the little ones on each side of her said hi to me too, so Brooke turned to each of them and said with her finger pointed in their face "that's not your mommy!"  Then, she saw Kameron in the crowd (who was sitting in the Director's lap) and yelled "that's not your baby!"  She was cracking me up last night :)

Brooke pointing and shouting at the 'strange' man holding Kam...

When Brooke is upset she crosses her arms in front of her chest...her teacher is consoling her :)

now she's doing it...

she loved it :)

Erin loves a crowd!

My God is so Big, so Strong, and so Mighty!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the girls...

The girls slept in this morning and it was a nice treat for Kyle and I :) Erin is really swimming, they called her a fish today...and Brooke, well, it's good that I have two arms this summer, one for Kam and one for Brooke.

Our summer is looking like it's going to be a good one! We're going to PA for a little over a week in June to visit my sister and the girls' six cousins :) They're really excited. Once we get back, it'll be time for VBS :) Rachel and I are helping out with the music and the girls have already memorized the words and the motions to all the's impressive. The girls are signed up for gymnastics with a lot of their friends this more Brooke being left out...she's excited to join her sister! We renewed our pool passes so that we could go to all 13 pools in The Woodlands (even though we've got a pool, it's just not as fun or safe for that matter)...

Still praying for baby Stellan and I've almost talked Kyle into paying the deposit to go on the Mckcruise in January!! I'm excited about that, even though others, my sister, called me borderline insane for following her blog and wanting to go on a cruise with her and all the other bloggers that follow her :)...




Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MckMama and her Stellan

They've been praying for sweet baby Stellan :)

We're praying, and asking for you to pray, for baby Stellan. He is eight months old and had open heart surgery this morning.  He made it through and the details are on her blog...bottom button my blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a tea party...

at rob fleming...lots of people...businessmen, retirees, families, and chain smokers (I think the chain smokers are the angriest since the cost of their cigarettes have almost doubled since the change of power :) ) was good to be apart of something always said, 'evil prevails when good men do nothing'...we saw a lot of good men doing something yesterday to help America stay great.

Erin could be a professional sign holder...a gift that she was born with :)

Brooke...would rather run and play...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg hunt, hanging, jeep rides and more hanging...

The last two days have been LOOONNNGGG, but good...I took pictures...check em'.

Erin on the hunt with a hop in her step...

Brooke with her baby and looking for some eggs.

The closers at Kyle's birthday :)

Early morning jeep ride with Erin...

Kyle calls this the Jesus jeep because Erin listens to KSBJ in it.  A couple of months ago, she was riding in the cul-de-sac with a sermon blaring for all the neighbors to hear...

Oh yes, this is a snuggie (you've seen the infomercial! :)

Erin took this pic...this is how Kyle and I chill...multi-tasking with the laptop, phone, and tv...

Tomorrow is Easter...I'm excited to celebrate and worship our Risen King tomorrow!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Birthday Man"

We're so thankful this day...for Kyle's 31st birthday and for Good Friday.  Last night, Kyle brought us dinner.  That's what kind of man he is...unselfish and loving even on the eve of his birthday :)  This morning, Erin said he was the birthday man (instead of birthday boy)....Happy Birthday Kyle! What an awesome weekend of celebration!

Kyle and his girls!!  Oh, it's so awesome :)

Kyle and I from the whirlwind of last weekend...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Erin, Brooke and Kam...

Erin played her last game tonight....she nonchalantly asked me on the way to soccer if I wanted her to score, I said yes, and she said okay.  Well, she was true to her word and did indeed score, after some immune builder smoothie coaxing (Erin and Brooke's favorite drink at the Y).  The team got trophies tonight and Erin was so excited to get hers...before bed tonight, she put it on her night stand, front and center...thanks Oakleys!

Brooke is really making me laugh...maybe it shouldn't...but, it does in almost an unbelief kind of way.  Her teacher at school told me today that she was an 'aggressive egg hunter'.  She explained to me that Brooke would see an egg and claim it, yelling at anyone getting near it, screaming "that's my egg!", meanwhile she was passing up several eggs on the way to 'her egg'. So's not about quantity, it's about what's mine to sweet baby Brooke.

Kameron is sitting pretty well now, eating better (solids that is), and is still an absolute joy to hold.  Right now, she's at the perfect holding age...she sits on my hip and is happy to be there...I can't wait for her to start talking to me and letting us know what she's all about :)

Erin and her trophy :)