Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooke's band

I visited Brooke's class for just a minute today.  She saw me walk in and she came up to me with one of her friends, Alayna.  Brooke said, 'Mom, we're working on our band.  Alayna, what are you going to do?'  Alayna, 'ahhhh'.  Brooke reminds her, 'you're going to play the keyboard.'  Another little girl passes by and Brooke stops her and asks, 'and do you remember what you're doing?'  The girl says, 'ahhhh'.  Brooke answers, her own question, 'whistle.  You're the whistler.'

Monday, May 7, 2012

Brooke is 6!

Hello Blog.  It's been awhile.  I hate to admit it, but life is busy...too busy.  But, I still want to update on big happenings and in April, our sweet Brooke turned 6 :)  She wanted a pool party with her school friends, so we had one!  Many of her friends came and she was so happy!  Brooke is so social...there was no talking her out of having a party.  She is funny...she is rapping, just like her daddy, and can keep it going.  She is still fiercely loyal and loves life.  Watching Brooke and hearing her talk to her friends, sisters, or herself makes our hearts fill with joy.  We're thankful for this little girl we named Brooke!!

The cake was the wrong flavor, amaretto and coconut...instead of vanilla...plain vanilla.  Yep, the kids weren't lovin it.  Most didn't even take a bite since it looked like it had nuts in it. :(

Brooke was so happy that lots of her school friends could make it!