Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fall 2012...

Picture Catchup:
Halloween dress up...neighborhood fun.
Book Parade...Fancy Nancy style.
Pumpkin carvin time.
Baylor Homecoming, Sic em.
Baylor Bookstore fun.
Football time, it's good to be a Bear.
This is how she makes time fly during road trips.
It's a good morning, wake up to a brand new day.
Sonkids Thanksgiving Dinner
Fiona fun at Gaylord
Sleigh ride...
Breakfast with ogars...
Ice exhibit at the Gaylord.  I had flip flops toes froze because they keep 15-18 degrees in there.  Smart, right?
Ogar faces.
Daddy and his girl.
Three wise men and Jesus carved into the ice :)
Loving it...
Merry Madagascar
Thanksgiving Brunch at Americas this year...yummy buffet!
Cabin fun at the Grey Wolf Lodge
Grey wolf time.
Breakfast with daddy...we've loved our last preschool year with our Kam...
Yep, dad of they year.  Put the tent on the trampoline, told ghost stories, and hurried them in at 3 a.m. when it started pouring rain.
It was really comfy...until they fell asleep and since daddy weighs more and they were on the trampoline their little bodies rolled on top of his.  Not. Restful.
PJ Christmas Party at the time for the littles...
This is how the girls viewed Christmas lights this year.  Asleep.  Please notice Erin is passed out in the back with her head flopped over and Brooke is sleeping with her tongue out of her mouth because she burnt it on hot cocoa.  Kam told dad that she didn't fall asleep, Kyle showed her this picture and said, 'really?  Let's tell the truth'.
Rachel and I ran the Holiday Half in Portland while visiting our brother for his 40th birthday.
Best Christmas Day ever.  Blessed.  So incredibly grateful to reflect on Jesus...the hope of the world, the hope of our lives.