Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wise words...

John 6

Stepping out in obedience to Jesus is the process thru which faith grows.

Walking in faith doesn't mean a life free from storms, but trusting God in the storm.

The first step in having a satisfying life is to believe in Jesus.

Satisfaction is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus securely holds all those who believe in Him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am...


For so much.

For my Savior and Friend, for Kyle, my children, my parents and in-laws, my sisters and brother, my family's good health, my good health (enough to run a 1/2 in a few weeks), freedom, loving friends and neighbors, a great church and awesome ABF teachers, Ms. Betty, a warm home and reliable cars, for Fox News, good healthy food, and not so healthy food, cold water, and cold pepsi in a can, sweet hugs and kisses from my girls, unsolicited 'I love you' from Brooke, creative artwork from Erin, and steps taken by Kameron...

overwhelming thankful that God is here, with me, always, until the end of the age.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

this is where...

we've been :) The best Market in the Junior League history and chaired by my sister Rachel :) She blew attendance, fundraising, and morale out of the water!!

ticket booth in the front of the convention center at the Marriott on the Waterway...

the closers (except Amber)...so many, many dedicated and hard working ladies make this show successful!!!

Okay, so wise words...I know you missed that!

John 4
Jesus Meets Our Needs

The greatest need in a life of a believer is to know and do the will of God.

Each one needs to know Jesus first hand, not second hand.

Faith is the will to act in a positive way despite uncertain feelings...faith is not how you feel, it's what you do.

Jesus knows our greatest need is to believe His Word, not just His works.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love animals...

particularly dogs, more specifically pugs :) We lost Ginger, our pug, three years ago and it was tragic and it hurt bad.

But I love children more...

Every time I see the the Humane Society commercial to 'stop animal cruelty', which is terrible, sad, and should be stopped, I cannot help but be infuriated. Where is the commercial to 'stop killing babies'? The pictures of the dogs, cats, horses, and cows being mistreated and abused could so easily be replaced with the hundreds of babies that deserve a chance at life. The captions could all be the same too...just read the list below and tell me that each baby in their mother's womb isn't saying the exact same thing...

What did I do wrong?

Why did they hurt me?

Why did they abandon me?

Will I die today?

The narrator goes on to say that thousands of animals a day are tortured, neglected and even killed. She also says, they can't speak up for themselves, but you can, you can make a difference between life and death, and if these animals could talk they would say they desperately need you to save them right now...all so true for the unborn baby.

The Silent Scream, is a website and a book written by a doctor who aborted 65,000 babies until he saw it on ultrasound. The baby, at 11 weeks, would move from the probe entering the mother's uterus, and literally would open her mouth, to cry, when she was ripped from her mother's womb. Just so you know, at 11 weeks, her heart is beating, she has brain waves, she can squint, swallow, and can make a fist, she has fingerprints and can kick, she is sensitive to heat, touch, light and noise, she sucks her thumb, all her body systems are working, and she could fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The last question on the commercial is this and it is so true for the baby too...

Won't you help me?

The humane society rescues hundreds of animals a year, and so does the 40 Days for Life...this fall 450 women changed their minds because of the silent peaceful prayers around the gates of Planned Parenthood. We will begin again in the Spring, for 40 days, and you are invited!!