Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my favorite preacher

(mute my music and ignore the background music)


Brooke makes me laugh. She calls the ATM/Wells Fargo, "piggy bank" and Kleenexes, "bless yous".

Kameron has a rash with no other symptoms and is becoming a very picky eater.

Erin is changing...into a little girl with a little more attitude and she is really into boys, already. In fact, when she thinks a boy is cute, she'll tell me she wants to talk to him but she's too nervous.

Kyle is working hard to "keep this boat afloat" :)

I'm getting too busy to keep a blog.

Junior League is starting to stress me out (just a little) :)

My legs are really tired and they feel like I could pull a muscle if I bend my knees. Is that normal?

Watched Total Immersion on youtube for an hour this weekend and relearned how to swim...I think my new stroke hurt my shoulder.

Easter is this weekend. He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

Still loving every second of BSF.

I love the 2010 VBS music this year...can't wait to teach it to the little preschoolers.

I wish I didn't get so frustrated with my preschoolers...praying for patience and endurance.

Speaking of endurance, I hope I get some before the tri.

We have beautiful weather in Houston right now, but summer's a comin' can feel it.

I check Mckmama's blog and Nie Nie Dialogues every day.

I didn't drink caffeine for 40 days, my first cup of coffee was Sunday and it tasted very good.

I'm so grateful and perfectly content with what God has given me.

I love my family and friends...and want to make more time for them.

I can walk to my sister's house in five minutes. Love that.

My hair feels like cotton and that's not a good thing.

The botox in my face is wearing off...thank goodness!!

I have a weird infected finger and I think it's from the Y pool.

Can't believe how fast America is changing.

But no worries, I believe in a sovereign God.

Kyle drove to Friendswood to get a new heater for our pool :)

When we had the freeze it broke, and the repair man said 2875. I thought he meant $28.75, but he meant $2,875...Kyle found it for much cheaper on Craigs List.

Lots of summer trips planned and I'm excited about each one!

A random post is all I have today!

Monday, March 15, 2010


here we cabo at Becky's house

their incredible home...

and kitchen

where we ate some of the BEST food I've ever tasted...

and a living room that opens up to the ocean...

we stayed upstairs...

but spent most of our time out here...whale watching all day long...

and went to dinner at Edith's which I thought was an indoor restaurant, but this was the ceiling...BEAUTIFUL :)

and they had ponchos for us...and we wore them because they made it "just right"

and here are our friends :)

just the fellas braved a little of the cold water...

we mostly played in the heated pool...

oh yea, and whale watched...

here's where Kyle and I stayed (one of the 5 most beautifully decorated rooms) with...

incredible views (this is the view from our room)

and then we went on a dinner cruise...AWESOME food and margaritas!!

and saw these guys and a couple of whales!

with these ladies...highlight of the trip...loved every second of the cruise...

and then said goodbye to Cabo...

We loved this VACATION...thank you Becky for sharing your beautiful Cabo home with us!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

how many times...

have you washed a pull up? me, too many to count :)