Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mommy is "Perdy"...

Mommy is "perdy", sounds like a southern way to say pretty, but what Brooke means when she says "perdy" is thirty.  It's true, Rachel and I turned thirty this weekend and our husbands threw us a quasi surprise birthday party...the only true surprise was the arrival of our friends, Diane and Kelly, from Dallas :)  It was a nice, low key dinner with friends of ours at our home...Kameron, in Kim's arms, joined the party until a little after midnight...

Saying goodbye to my 20's is not too bad...I'm grateful for my birthdays and as my grandfather says, aging sure beats the alternative...and I agree.  In my thirty years, I survived/experienced many things: a broken leg at 10 months, an arch nemesis in elementary (she made me famous in the book she wrote "Blood, Sweat and Tears", mono in junior high (missing 32 days of geometry), high school rebellion, college independence, marriage and three children three years and younger.  

Friday, September 26, 2008


We've been going to the same playgroup, although it's evolved, since Erin was three weeks old. 
The children love playing with each other and the moms are some of my closest friends.  Rachel walked around and took some pictures today of our little ones....

Wherever Kameron is, Drew is there also

Erin and Tyler REALLY LOVE each other

Brooke at play

Erin at play...sending her emails

God's Provision

I started "mole checks" because of my age and all the sun exposure I had in my naive days of high school and college.  When I was about six months pregnant with Kameron I noticed a black literally looked like someone had touched me with a black ball point pen.  Despite it's size, I was instantly concerned and showed Kyle...he was like that's so small, how did you even notice it?  Then said, "I'm sure it's fine".  Although I felt relieved after his encouragement, I called the dermatologist and made an appointment.  By the time I went to the appointment, 4 months later, I had totally forgotten about that little spot on my side.  She did her exam and as she was walking out the door I said, "Oh, I almost forgot, I have a tiny little spot on my side, will you look at it really quick?"  She came back over with her magnifying lens and leaned down to look at it...she took a little longer than usual and said "I don't like almost got out of here unscathed".  She used a 2mm punch, the smallest they have, and removed the spot.  It came back as severe dysplasia, one stage before melanoma.  I had more tissue removed after I delivered Kameron and will have to go every three months for "melanoma checks".  She said I was as lucky as a girl could get, but I knew better...

As she cauterized vessels and stitched the skin back together, I was thankful.  Thankful for God's provision over my life and to my mom and dad for all their years of praying for me.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Plies and Potty Training...

Erin has been taking ballet lessons at Boni's since January...she loves/hates it depending on how much I can persuade her that she's a great dancer.  Today I told her she had perfect plies and so she practiced one before she left for her lesson.

Brooke's been potty training for awhile now (we half-heartedly started in June anticipating Kameron's birth)...yesterday, at her preschool, she wore panties instead of pull ups and didn't have an accident all day!  She was happy and so were we :)  We're on our second day of no pull ups and we'll see how it goes...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

They're different...

Erin at 7 weeks

Brooke at 6 weeks

Kameron at 5 weeks

My good friend Becky did a comparison post of her boys and I thought it was, here it is, Erin, Brooke and Kameron within weeks of each other's age.  I think they look really different...Kameron's a sleeper, so it's hard to get a picture with her eyes open :)

About a month ago....

Kameron two weeks old

Brooke loves to hold Kameron

Erin gives Kameron random sweet kisses, ALL THE TIME

We had another miracle...we named her Kameron.  She is so sweet and sleeps A LOT, which is really nice, but, unfortunately, a lot of the sleep is during the day and not so much at night...but she's getting better all the time :)  She's five weeks old now and just starting to interact...I love it, she still can't hold her head but she holds eye contact for as long as you'd like.  We're thinking she kind of looks like big sis Erin, but some days she resembles Brooke.

Erin and Brooke are really great big sisters and dote on her all the time.  They like to kiss her, hold her and tell their mommy to take good care of her...which I'm happy to do.  She's our last and I hold her like she is, knowing that I won't hold another one this small again that's my own.